Tuesday, July 26, 2011

James M Sutter Dies for Real Apparently

James Sutter died of a heart attack on Monday at 9:50 pm. Please pray for the repose of his soul!

Update Aug 16
I have informed the many people that Mr. Sutter has stalked of his passing; Robert Spencer has given me permission to post his thoughts on the passing of this man.

"James Sutter was one of the most evil men I have ever encountered. While wrapping himself in a cloak of self-righteousness and posturing that he was on the side of the angels, he gleefully repeated things he knew to be lies, fabricated false charges against those he considered his enemies, and gave wide circulation to the most outrageous smears and falsehoods that others devised against those same enemies. He epitomized the strange tendency of genuine hatemongers nowadays to claim the moral high ground while indulging in behavior that was unarguably libelous. Now that he is dead, the world is just a bit saner and more honest." -- Robert Spencer


Anonymous said...

do me a favor please, out of respect, take this website down.

jim sutter jr.

Lady Predator said...

As long as your father's extensive defamation of myself and others remain on the web this blog will also remain.

If you are a decent person then you will remove your father's defamation blog and his hate screed about me, and the countless numbers of other innocent people that he has lied about on the web.

When all the lies that your father has posted about myself and others are gone then this blog will no long be needed, and I will be very happy to delete it.

It is your decision just as it was your father’s.

Bigsibling said...

Out of respect? Are you kidding me? If the "Reverend" Sutter ever showed one gram of respect for anyone...you might have a right to ask such a thing. But as it stands, he didn't. Not for Jeanette, not for anyone. He deserves exactly what he's got, in life and in death.

GR said...

Sutter Sr. made it his life's mission to hurt other people through defamation. Until his malicious lies are extinguished from the Internet, his victims are entitled to post a defense.

It surprises me that Sutter's son is more concerned about a dead man than about that man's many victims. I'm wondering if the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.

T said...

The Sutter Sr., between his brushes with the law, chose to spend his time online, pretending to be many things he was not, while employing defamation to menace anyone with whom he disagreed.

Until the Sutter Sr.'s maliciously libelous website and anywhere else on the Internet he decided to take his cheap shots are expunged, the reputation he built for himself should remain accessible.

LadyLogician said...

Jim Jr. - I hope you are reading these comments. Your father did some very ugly things from behind a computer screen. While I sympathize with you over your loss, I also sympathize for the many, many people your father hurt online. I echo the other commenters sentiments - take down your fathers websites. Only until they go away can the healing begin.


Anonymous said...

If I were Sutter's family, I would want to take down his website. It strikes me as altogether possible, however, that they do not have the passwords to do so. If that is the case, they will need to forward the certificate of death to the right people to get access to his email, blog logins, and so on.
If I were in their shoes, I would do that. Then Exposing Sutter can become history.
I thought LP's restrained response was quite generous.

Anonymous said...

i will have the sight down soon. its been a challenging week, and while i fully respect what you all have to say and the matters of the past, i do not appreciate the insinuation that the "apple doesn't fall far". rest assured im a different person, and i will do what needs done, but dont begin to question my credibility or character. you don't know me or what i went through personally during my years. i was respectful and short, id expect the same. i look to have that sight down soon, and until then i will ask again, out of respect, at very least for the situation, that you keep your thoughts to yourselves. think what you want, do what you want, but in death we are all forgiven (if you all truly follow your religions). im not a man of religion, nor will you find me quoting or preaching, or demanding. im just a human like you, and would expect standard human courtesy from anyone who wishes or wants to post.

and "gr", while you may wonder what i'm concerned with, id ask you to consider such immediate judgement for someone you have no history with. if you are truly what you seem to be through your words, you will understand. no matter what any man or woman does, are they not still your father, mother, brother or sister? make whatever comments and judgement you choose to make, but i would hope that in any situation, be it this particular one or one similar, or any in life for that matter, you would be more understanding of the emotion one feels.

i hope you understand and respect my point of view, as i try to do the same with you. this is not meant to be hateful or a matter or aggression. its just me.

Anonymous said...

quite frankly i dont know where to begin, but i will attempt to erase everything that is available to me. dont mistake my lack of expedience for lack of interest. i have plenty of work ahead, and time, as most of you know isnt given to those who need more.

Steve said...

Jim Jr.

I too am sorry for your loss and for Nancy's loss.

In reading these blogs, as one who was also maligned by your Father with lies, I support leaving the truthful sites up until your Father's sites are down.

All is not forgiven in death. Actually that's when eternity begins and the ultimate accounting begins.

Although I do not hold a grudge, I want the truth to come out and since your Father can no longer acknowledge his lies, I wish you would apologize on behalf of your father, and acknowledge that he was not a truthful man.

I'm so sorry that you were put in a position to unravel this mess on behalf of your Father, but commend you for it.

There is a blessing for honoring your Father and Mother.

If you would ever like to talk, I'd be glad to meet with you.

Pastor Steve Harper
Grace Church

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your input, but please understand my goal is to remove his sights and in turn have these sights removed as stated. This won't be a fast process im unfortunately certain, but ill do all in my power to get it handled. I won't speak on his behalf, nor will you find me starting or taking part in religious discussion. All i want to do is remove what has been done.

Anonymous said...

chasing evil and the equality report "should" be down this week. hang in there. i dont know of any more out there..... help!

Anonymous said...

An evil man is held captive by his own sins;
they are ropes that catch and hold him.
He will die for lack of self-control;
he will be lost because of his great foolishness.
Proverbs 5:22-23 (NLT)

Anonymous said...

happy to report that chasing evil should be down tomorrow or wed at the latest. took alot to get there. working on the other two main ones now. ill update you as i can.

Anonymous said...

ok so on stumbleupon i requested that all blogs be removed. they tell me it will take a few days or more. chasing evil is down officially. im tryin here! lady pred youve been very helpful. after this is all over, and the sites are down, and this one is down, id like to speak to you by email to make sure everything is good. i dont think im missing anything but want to make sure. thank you again.

Anonymous said...

ok i think i got stumble done too. please check in a day or two.

Lady Predator said...

Thanks you for all your work. I've been in contact with many of your father's victims and let me tell you they are all collectively giving a sigh of relief. Unfortunately the impact that he had on my life was far greater and I expect never to completely recover from the evil he did to me. What he did to me was so evil it is hard to comprehend why a person would do such things

LadyLogician said...

Jim Jr. Thanks so much for your hard work. I know many people will appreciate it. While I was not (that I am aware of) attacked by your father, I know several people who were. He spread many lies about them - never to their faces - but always "offlist" (he was a member of several Yahoo groups I was on) and always under the guise of "I don't want to see you hurt by this person". When the person in question did not "live up" to his lies, he would fabricate accounts and emails as "proof" that the person he was talking about was so evil. At first I just took it as idle gossip - it happens. However, when he sent an email that was purported to be from a friend of mine basing me, I confronted this friend. I compared the IP address and I realized that it was not from her. I cut all contact with your father then, before he went way off the deep end (attacking Robert Spencer and LP and others) for their opinions on Islam.

Again - thank you for your hard work and my condolences for your loss.


Anonymous said...

i will happily attempt to work on CAIR, but i gotta admit i have no idea who or what that is. can you show me links or whatever i need to get there? more so, i have no idea who robert spencer is, and i honestly really dont want to know, but again i can try to remove whatever is out there as long as i can get some help! can i comfortably assume we're getting closer to removing this site?

Anonymous said...

nevermind! i have emailed cair and await a response. that should hopefully be one of the easier things here. hopefully...

Lady Predator said...

Good luck with CAIR. The problem is the fact you father is a big footprint on the web his lies are posted everywhere.

He posted a lot on this person's blog.


Your Father's lies are everywhere http://www.ghazali.net/archives2007/html/anti_hate_blogger.html


Cristy Li said...

Sutter was an evil man who made sport out of making superfluous allegations about others, without having the least bit of shame or common decency.

While I have forgiven Sutter and have said a prayer for him, only God may now show Sutter mercy who was without in this life.

"The soul that has conceived one wickedness can nurse no good thereafter." --Sophocles

GR said...

Jim Jr.,

I simply speculated that you may have been like your father based on your initial demand to his victims. Since the comparison offends you, I was probably too hasty in expressing this - as perhaps you were in not understanding and sympathizing with the painful burden that your father unfairly placed on so many others.

As you probably figured out from the comments here, your father chose to have an extraordinarily cruel impact on real lives. You seem to be earning respect by trying to remove his slander, but I would be curious as to what your feelings really are.

I didn't know Sutter Sr. personally, but he seemed to be a very sick man who passionately enjoyed hurting people in as devious a manner as he could. Do you know what made him that way?

You may not feel comfortable speaking candidly of your late father, but don't you feel that his victims deserve to know why they suffered?

1389 said...

During the time when 1389 Blog was still in its infancy, I used to spend a good deal of time on StumbleUpon. It was then that I became acquainted with Lady Predator and with other bloggers who were active in the Counterjihad at that time.

I got involved in the battle agaist James M. Sutter because I found out that he had been working to try to get our blogs shut down, and had been libeling us as sources of "hate speech" in an effort to get various web-monitoring and content-filtering services to filter out counterjihad blogs. Lady Predator, Foehammer, Baron and Dymphna at Gates of Vienna, JennSierra at Fort Hard Knox, myself, and many others spent months combating this effort to muzzle the counterjihad blogosphere.

We finally succeeded, but in order to do so, we all had to discredit Sutter as the impostor that he was. This evidently embarrassed him to the extent that he chose to use corrupt officials to take a truly evil form of revenge against Lady Predator. The damage from this can never be fully undone.

CAIR is nothing more than a front group of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is just as much our enemy now as was the Wehrmacht over six decades ago. Assisting its efforts is a sadly common form of treason, but it is treason nonetheless.

About Sutter himself I have nothing to say, except to hope that he repented before it was too late. He can harm those of us in the Counterjihad no further.

Anonymous said...

Gr, long story short there were some serious mental health issues i wont go into. I went thru alot myself, but luckily (maybe) im more of a cold logic low emotion guy, so i passed on it. Im happy hes moved on for his benefit and anyone he offended, and really am trying hard to get rid of everything out there. Rest assured when my work is done and these sites are down too, ill be at peace.

Anonymous said...

Cair is completely ignoring me. Im not sure what i can do.... thoughts? Pred please feel free to email me!

Anonymous said...

cair responded!!! hopefully ill have those posts down soon.

Foehammer said...

I'll be honest -- this news made me smile, no, not just smile, it actually made me laugh. That is how evil Jim Sutter was.

When I approached officials in Ohio to pursue action against him, one attorney was actually stunned when he pulled up the record number of court cases AGAINST Jim Sutter. The count was almost a dozen.

The world is a happier place without him.

Anonymous said...

Sutter was one of the most evil men I have ever had the displeasure of encountering. I find it simply appalling that no one from Sutter's family has even made an attempted to apologize for his despicable behavior.

Just exactly where were they when he was terrorizing his victims. Lady Predator has suffered the most and yet has been extremely generous. Sutter's lies gave dishonest government employees in both the US and the Ukraine the excuse to kidnap her daughter.

The world is a much better place now that he is gone.

Jeff said...

Sutter was a vile human being, the world is a better place without him. He berated me calling me a racist and a bigot. May his memory be eradicated from the web. The world is a better place without this foul cretin.