Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ondrea Tye stealth stalker Sutter's source for his fiction

Sutter has been gone for a while but his defamation lives on Anonymous webpage.  It has come to my attention that one of the people providing Mr. Sutter with his "information" was my sister Ondrea Tye. She has always been insanely jealous of me (I don't know why) so much so that when she changed from her legal name from Barbara Anne Tye to Ondrea Jeannene Tye she took a middle name that sounds remarkably like my first name Jeanette.  She also had cosmetic surgery to put a dimple in her chin. I happen to have a dimple in my chin naturally.

Here is a JPG of one of the many emails she sent to Mr. Sutter. Note how she admits that we have an agreement NOT to talk about each other I kept that agreement, she never did and projects her stalking by proxy onto me.

My sister is so evil she sent me a CD of My Space photos of her daughter Elise to manipulate me with. My husband promptly shredded the CD and predicted that she would then accuse me of “stalking” her My Space account sometime in the future.  That is exactly what she did.  Never mind that her My Space account was public and anyone could see it.

Because she violated the agreement I am now free to tell the truth about my stalking sister. The rest of her email communications with Sutter can be seen here

 Pay attention to the time stamps she is sending emails and suggesting that Sutter stalk another of her "enemies" from her place of employment  Los Angeles Department of City Planning.
Note how she tells Sutter to prove me wrong that he was indeed in the military.  Her obsessive hate of myself blinded her to the truth, that Sutter was a complete fraud.