Tuesday, July 26, 2011

James M Sutter Dies for Real Apparently

James Sutter died of a heart attack on Monday at 9:50 pm. Please pray for the repose of his soul!

Update Aug 16
I have informed the many people that Mr. Sutter has stalked of his passing; Robert Spencer has given me permission to post his thoughts on the passing of this man.

"James Sutter was one of the most evil men I have ever encountered. While wrapping himself in a cloak of self-righteousness and posturing that he was on the side of the angels, he gleefully repeated things he knew to be lies, fabricated false charges against those he considered his enemies, and gave wide circulation to the most outrageous smears and falsehoods that others devised against those same enemies. He epitomized the strange tendency of genuine hatemongers nowadays to claim the moral high ground while indulging in behavior that was unarguably libelous. Now that he is dead, the world is just a bit saner and more honest." -- Robert Spencer

Friday, December 31, 2010

Sutter Pretends To Be a Black Woman

One would think he would get tired of me. Apparently I'm the only reason why this man draws a breath.

Sutter has made a fraudulent profile on facebook pretending to be a black woman for the sole purpose to stalk and defame me. Not to mention he is posting my home phone number. I assume he wants strangers to harass me. Pretty sad.

Maybe it is because his lies about me are beginning to unravel.

Friday, April 9, 2010

More delusional droppings from the pretend “man of God”

--> Sutter must think the few people who rubberneck at his block must have single digit IQ’s. He has now made the claim that I tried to hire attorney Murdoch Herzog (how would he know this? ESP?) to sue him because he “exposed my (non-existent) conviction for human trafficking”. Besides never having heard of this attorney, Herzog is licensed in Minnesota. I live in North Carolina, Sutter lives in Ohio. The only two places I would hire an attorney to sue Mr. Sutter would either be in North Carolina or Ohio. I’ve already looked into a defamation lawsuit; however Sutter lives off the government dole and has no assets. It would cost me a minimum of $10,000 to sue him. I have better uses for my money.

There will be an update concerning Sutter's fiction about my "conviction for human trafficking” I have received a letter from the Attorney General of the Ukraine informing that the criminal case was closed on 06/10/2008 by the public prosecutor’s office in the city of Kiev due to the absence of crime in my actions. However I need a more official document which my attorney in the Ukraine is getting for me. I will post it and a translation as soon as I get it .

Monday, December 1, 2008

Photos Mr. Sutter Doesn't Want You to See.

Here are the photos that so annoy Mr. Sutter that he perjurers himself claiming he has the copyright in order to have them removed from the public view. Could it be they expose his lies? Go take a look for yourself. http://petroshapko.narod.ru/index.html.

I will leave you with this pathetic example, this is a picture posted Sutter on his AOL profile claiming it was him (note the LT.....impersonating a officer). Interesting that this photo came from a pro-homosexual site.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Fraudulent "Rev" Perjurs Himself and Abuses the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Those of us who know the pretend "rev" and Navy Seal impostor are not surprised at that he would lie to keep the truth about himself off the web and away from the public. Mr Sutter like many frauds on the web today has been abusing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to stop freedom of speech and prevent the truth about him being revealed to the public. Mr. Sutter LIED in order to get snapshots of himself pulled off several different web severs. Mr. Sutter is the subject of these snapshots not the copyright owner as he claims. My use those photos is legally protected because it falls within the "fair use" provision of the copyright regulations, as defined in 17 USC 107. Perhaps Mr. Sutter needs a refresher course in copyright laws.

Question: Can the subject of a photograph use the DMCA 512 takedown process?

Answer: Generally, no. Only the copyright owner or an authorized representative of the copyright owner can send a DMCA takedown notice. The copyright in a photograph belongs initially to the person who took the photo, not the person who is pictured. Unless the photo subject has gotten an assignment of copyright or permission to act on behalf of the photographer, it is improper for him or her to send a DMCA takedown notice.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Sutter and Blasphemy

Sutter uses the language of God and faith to hide or disguise his evil intent and his criminality. He uses God to hide his sins rather than to go to the Lord to repair them.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sutter tries to cover his tracks again

Today at 4:31:00 PM Mr. Sutter completely wiped out his fictional history "Just the Facts". He has rewritten his "Just the Facts" many times but was busted here on this blog. Sutter changed his "Just the Facts" Xmas eve 2007 but left the old date of Monday, April 23, 2007. Every time he rewrote his fictional biography he would leave out some bit of fiction that was easily exposed to be a lie! To bad for Mr. Sutter that we have kept copies of his fictional “biographies” including a copy of the one he thinks he “erased”

He has also edited his "Rev. Jim's Place" removing his link to his fictional biography
Just the Facts (a PDF of the Google cache can be seen here) . Also made to disappear are his "degrees". Too bad for Mr. Sutter The Wayback Machine has a copy of his fiction.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

There are six things which the LORD hates, Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him

Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that run rapidly to evil, A false witness who utters lies, And one who spreads strife among brothers.

Proverbs 6:16-19

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sutter's FOIA report

Update! I uploaded the letter from The National Personal Records Center!
Sutter spent his whole Navy "career" in Great Lakes, much of it with a nail on a stick on litter detail waiting to go home. I hope this makes him happy I posted the letter with letterhead. Lets see what fiction he can come up with now!

Sutter's FOIA report.

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Sutter's Grand Navy Career... a Fizzle

This should come as no surprise but the information request on Sutter confirms what I had begun to suspect. Sutter couldn't even make it a full year in his Navy enlistment. His actual dates of service were from October 22, 1975 to June 8th 1976. As Sutter says on his fictional biography "do the math" That is just short of eight months. And it was during a time of peace after the Vietnam war.

In short Sutter *never* was a Lieutenant Commander he did *not* spend 26 years in USN counterterrorism he was never in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban he never went to Naval War College or trained with the IDF. He *never earned *any* medals. He is a impostor who is who fraudulently claiming to be decorated Naval Officer. He has never received The Navy Cross, Medal of Valor, A Presidential Unit Citation, the Bronze Star a Combat Medal and four Purple Hearts.

I wonder if Sutter has ever heard of the Stolen Valor Act of 2005. Then there is the small problem of Sutter impersonating an officer. Maybe Sutter should be watching more NCIS.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When did the IDF Start Training the Disabled?

Over the years since Sutter first made his appearance on the web he had made many claims. I just thought we would do a little stroll down memory lane.

The first of Sutter's greatest hits is this little post he made in August of 1995
I am now a civilian, but I served my country, and received the Navy Cross, (the highest award from the Navy), the Dept of Defense Medal of Valor, and the Purple Heart. So I like to think that I am somewhat qualified to speak to "espirit de corps".

There is just one problem with Sutter's claim he just isn't on the
list of persons who received the Navy Cross. Oh well.

In May of 2004 Sutter posted this little gem on Bush_Kicks_A_S_S_on_Terrorism yahoo group (note Sutter has recently gone back into that group and deleted all the posts he made there...guilty conscience maybe?).

Let me tell you something that I do not talk about often. I have 4 Purple
Hearts. It took me 26 years of service to earn (yes, earn) them. I was nominated for them by my COs for injuries by hostile forces during combat, resulting in #1 the flesh burned off my legs from the feet to the knees, #2 having a bullet shatter my kneecap, #3 taking 4 bullets in the abdomen, resulting in loss of my gallbladder, part of my liver and intestines and #4 having my elbow shattered by a bullet and minutes later receiving an 8" knife wound in the same arm. Yet I completed my missions in all instances. I have so many prosthetic parts in me that my son calls me RoboPop. I didn't ask for the medals, I didn't ask to be removed from active duty or combat operations, and when I finally retired I put them away in a box with the rest of my medals, (including the Bronze Star, the Combat Medal, the Presidential Unit Citation and the Navy Cross) and left them locked away.

Sutter thinks by sanitizing the yahoo group of his posts he is somehow won't be pinned down for his lies....the only problem is I have a
PDF of his post. Not to mention Yahoo will always maintains the original posts in the event of a court order.

Then there is this wonderful post in March of 2006 by Sutter on the Yahoo group Down with Antisemitism (a group that he was kicked off and I'm still a member)

I spent 26 years in the USN CT ops, graduated the Naval War College, trained with the IDF, and spent more time tracking down and neutralizing terrorists than you have probably spent breathing. I have a solid comprehension of the cultures of the Middle East (along with many other cultures), I read and speak English, Arabic, Chinese (Cantonese), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Latin and Greek. I have a Bachelor's in Nuclear Physics, a Masters in Modern Warfare, Masters in Theology, a Doctorate of Divinity, Doctorate of Biblical Studies, and Ph.D. in Trauma Psychology.
Any other silly questions?

another post on December 2006 he goes on to claim:

Actually, I'm fluent in several dialects of Arabic. I notice that, as usual, you fail to provide any factual information with which to support your claims. I, on the other hand, provided direct citations from the Qur'an.

Pretty impressive don't you think? He knows eleven languages or was it eight?

So you're a linguist too? Now I'm going to have to watch my wording or risk getting my knuckles smacked, I suppose. Can I still throw in an occasional quote in one of the eight language that I learned back in the Stone Age

Oh what does it matter eleven, eight, (maybe he was counting those several dialects of Arabic), it's all the same. And did you see; Sutter even trained with the IDF. I wonder if they knew he was disabled?

Sutter claims in March of 2006 to know some "very important people" like CIA director James Woolsey:

Tell Jim that the "Jolly Green Giant" said hello, and that he still owes me twenty bucks from the poker game. Oh, and if you want to keep claiming that you have met the director, you may want to learn to spell his name correctly.

I'm impressed aren't you? Sutter tells some pretty big whoppers!

On Oct 2006 he made this claim on a post to frontpagemag.com
"Let's see,. I only have 26 years in counterterrorism, more medals than you have brain cells, and three doctorates. Yep, you'all must be right, I musta just fell off the haywagon and bumped ma poor head.

On January 15, 2007 at noisyroom.net made another claim abut his qualifications in counter terrorism:
"During 26 years in the USN fighting terrorism, one of the most important lessons we learned was proper target acquisition".

On March 5th, 2007 in a post to the Daily Pundit he made this claim:
"After spending 26 years in counterterrorism, in ops against every kind of terrorist (I estimate that's about 26 years more than Bill Quick spent), I know how to recognize who is the enemy and who is not. Kaufman's tactic of smearing all Muslims as terrorists is not only ridiculous, it is targeted to play best with the uneducated, the fearful, the paranoid, those who check under their bed at night to make sure the bogey man isn't hiding there. Those who are smarter can easily recognize how Kaufman and his ilk play on your fears in order to make a fortune themselves. They don't give a care about you, they only care about their own pockets. That's just one reason why Kaufman is the subject of multiple law enforcement investigations. (BTW, I've been to Afghanistan under the Taliban, it's a shitty little country, probably always will be, but at least they are making some slow progress.)

On April, 2007 at The Bigsibling Blog Sutter again made this claim:

"I spent 26 years in USN counterterrorism, and guarantee that I have killed more terrorists than you have ever dreamed of.

Sutter also seems a little confused as to when he was active duty in the Navy. On Sutter's MySpace profile he claims he served from 1974 to 1996 (clue: the Navy doesn't have two year enlistments) yet on his Zoom page he claims he was USN Active Duty 1974 - 1980. Now that I have posted this I wonder how long it will take Sutter to fix his MySpace profile? It doesn't matter I have a PDF of it any way.

Oh and the little matter of Sutter saying he isn't claiming to be a Navy Seal. Well who does he think does counter terrorisms in the Navy? When Sutter says he was "USN CT ops" he is in fact claiming to be a Navy Seal. Not to mention there is this silliness. Sutter posted pictures of a GI Joe doll saying it was him from his "Navy days" he even labeled the picture JimSeal. Oh no Sutter wasn't claiming to be a Navy Seal was he?

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Felon Who Refuses to Learn From Past Mistakes

Sutter is making some very serious allegations on his blog, below are his accusations:

For example, the "former law clerk" who sent me an email, making a "quid pro quo" threat that meets every single element of the felony crime of extortion, and putting it in writing!

Another example, the person who today sent me an email with a not-so-subtle statement that if I exposed his hate mongering, he would tell people that I was a child molester - admitting he had no evidence, no facts, but who cares, right? I think someone will care about his stupidly using his employer's Internet access to make such a threat, and even using it to maintain his ultra-racist site. Especially since the CEO of the company he works for is a minority, holding numerous government contracts. And I know for a fact that the police care, because I've already passed it along.

Another example, I'm told (and it is being investigated by the proper authorities) is that money has changed hands to try to get someone from my past to deny something. (I have the specifics, but I - and others - will wait to see if the actual felony is committed - we should know on Sept 4th.) Unfortunately, you've wasted your money, he ratted you out. He loves controversy, and you handed it to him on a platter. What you think he's going to deny is in my hands, in writing, with his original signature on it, along with the witness signature, and was verified and kept in the custody of the State of Ohio - and has been there for years, since a few days after it was originally signed.

I suspect this has all been generated by Robert Spencer's announcement that he will be on Pastor Ernie Sanders radio show. The sad part is Sutter has a history of making false allegations. Sutter was put on three years probation by a federal court for lying to the FBI about being harassed. Sutter was working for the Cleveland, Ohio BBB as a trade specialist and was investigating Edward Ohlson when he claimed he received a death threat. Sutter reported that he got a one-page letter that read, in part: "Sutter: Testify on [Edward LaMonte Ohlson] and die. Sutter also reported that he was followed by a car licensed to Ohlson's wife, Rose Ellen and gave the FBI the license number of a car that belonged to Rose Ellen Ohlson. There was just one problem with that. It seems that Mrs. Ohlson's car was inoperable for two years. Opps Sutter caught in another lie. Oh and that "death threat" well Sutter sent it to himself!

In fact it also looks like Sutter also lied about the BBB offices being burglarized where he claimed part of Ohlson's file was stolen.

Sutter was forced to resign from the BBB Aug. 13. Sutter pleaded guilty Sept. 17 before U.S. District Judge George W. White, who sentenced him to , and 60 days of house detention and three years probation.

As a result of Sutter's criminal behavior Sutter and the Cleveland BBB became defendants in a $18.1 million lawsuit. Ohlson wasn't happy being arrested as a result of Sutter's false reports to the FBI.

And now Sutter is doing his best to repeat his illegal behaviors. It seems to me the person who needs the stupid award is Sutter himself.

Update: 8/27 Cristy Li has a few comments to make to Sutter about his lies about her as well. Read Open Letter to the "Reverend" Jim Sutter.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Welcome to readers of Jihad Watch and Foehammer’s Anvil

Hello everyone and thank you for reading my little blog The best way to read this blog is to start reading from my first post The Pseudo Rev Who is a Fraud. And be sure the read the comments as well.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The "Man of God " Can't Stop Lying.

Mr. Sutter is annoyed, so very annoyed. He doesn't like the fact that his puffery has been exposed for all the world to see.

First of all he makes a very bad attempt at forging an email threat from me. Using a post I sent to Down_with_Antisemitism and cc to several other people as well. It's obliviously forged as he has "me" complaining abut his hatewatchhallofshame where he has "me" writing:
I can forge you into hell if you don't take your stupid hate watch crap off the web

The problem is the email he chose to use as the base for his forgery is dated 1/12/2007; Sutter didn't write his pack 'o lies about me until Saturday, April 07, 2007. Of course there is the fact that he has a history of doing this before:
You have tried to forge private email and turn it into a weapon against people in the past, which is why I will not exchange private email with you.
Then there is this pathetic attempt at forgery, yes that is right Mr Sutter was stupid enough to forge his own medical records and even dumb enough to submit that forgery to a federal judge!

It looks to me like Mr. Sutter is projecting. He's even claiming that I'm using forged-usenet-posts to expose his lies. These posts go back to 1995. I wonder why this is the first time Sutter has complained about those forgeries when they were happening. And how does he get around this post?
If it helps the crdibility any, here are some verifiable facts. My ADA case was filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Divison, case caption: James Sutter vs. City of Lakewood, Ohio. Case number 1:94 CV 1857, assigned originally to Judge Leslie Wells, spun off to Judge Peter Economus.

I was ordained December 11, 1994 by the Catholic Life Church program out of Modesto, California. My Ohio license is number 4849, granted December 30, 1994. My supervisory Bishop is Bishop Kirby Hensley. I hold a Doctor of Divinity degree, and a Doctorate in Biblical Studies.

The only forging going on here is by Sutter's own hand. It isn't possible to forge someone's Usenet post and send them twelve years into the past; it's certainly not possible to forge Sutter's two felony convictions since they are available to anyone with an internet connection.

So here we have a "man of God" who can't seem to stop lying. His newest lie; that I was:
recently released from a psychiatric facility.

The last time I was in a psychiatric facility, was when I was working there. I was employed for many years at Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk, California (where Sutter claims I was an inpatient for a year). Yet he makes the claim that his hatewatchhallofshame has verifiable facts. Very interesting, that is a verification I would love to see.

This lie is especially pathetic coming from a man who called himself a "reverend"
has your psychiatrist been in touch with you yet? He’s looking for you, something about they released you too soon. Apparently only spending one year in that psychiatric unit wasn’t enough. I gave him your home address, I’m sure it won’t be long till the men in the white coats are knocking at your door - again.
And again here:
having once again been released too early from her inpatient care, violates the restraining order. Remember what they told you last time, Jeanette. Keep violating the order and conditions of your release and they'll have to re-institutionalize you for a long, long time.

Simply put, if the "Rev." wants people to think he really is a man of God he should stop posting lies. He's just making what I do so much more believable.

The "rev." need to read the federal cyberstalking law again, as I've made no threats, nor have I told any lies. Unlike the phony Rev. who has no problem with posting lies. The information I post is true and for educational purposes. Of course Sutter does get annoyed when anyone disagrees with him.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Update: Paranoia settling in, Sutter trying to erase his tracks

As with most bullies and liars, Sutter doesn't like it when his lies are exposed. He's been busy pulling down pages where he has posted his lies about himself. To bad for him; I have PDFs of them or they are still in Google's cache. He has deleted his "Just the Facts" blog. However you can still see a Google cache of it here.

Sutter is also making the claim that his blog sustained a:
"hacking attack on the evening of 7/12/07 and continued attempts at vandalism. "

Update July 15: Now he has added:
"Due to persistent vandalism and a hacking attempt from my cyberstalker and other hate mongers."

Hacking and attempts at vandalism? Interesting expression for exposing Sutter's lies with his own words. No wonder he pulled his "Just the Facts" blog down. It was a treasure trove of lies, fabrications and self-mythologizing. And he claims to have taken "measures" he's put a:
"hidden program on this and all my sites, where every vandalism and hacking attempt generates a report, identifying the perpetrator, IP address, date and time of the attempt, any other website that they came from, and any website that they go to when they leave. I hate to have to take this step, but the hate mongers are desperate to erase the facs about their repugnant agenda of bigotry."

What a wonderful example of paranoia and projection. Mr. Sutter thinks he's important enough that someone would want to hack his hate and libel blog. He's even claiming to have received "death threats". If he did receive death threats they probably came from his own hand. Sutter has a history of forging emails using the headers from old email. He again makes the claims that his "cyberstalker" (little ole me) has been forging posts and claiming they are his. I wonder how he gets around the posts in Google groups from 1995 or the old webpages stored in the internet archive? The only erasing of facts I see is Sutter pulling his page 'o lies down.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Did the pseudo "rev" help flag anti-Jihad sites as hate speech?

They seem to think so at over at Jawa Report, and it certainly follows the pattern that Mr. Sutter and his buddy, disbarred Minnesota attorney Dann Dobson, have established. Both Dobson and Sutter are self-appointed inquisitors who threaten people with the loss of their email account or their internet access for what they perceive to be "hate speech" (i.e. not agreeing with their world view). This is well within Dobson and Sutter's long established behavior as internet bullies. They are so obsessed with their "crusade" to save those poor, down trodden terrorists and terrorist supporters, from hate speech that going around flagging anti-terrorist blogs all day isn't a problem at all, not to mention writing fictional "exposés", articles, letters, emails and complaints about what Sutter and his buddy Dobson think are "hate sites".

Sutter was practically pissing in his electronic pants because certain sites have been classified as "hate speech": sites I might add that have been very critical of his fictional "exposés," and both Jihad Watch and Foehammer’s Anvil have banned Sutter.

Good News on Spreading Ban of Hate Speech Site

Good News! Getting the word out about the dangers of hate mongers is working!

Over the past few days, we have received encouraging news that more and more corporations, agencies, and Internet filtering systems are blacklisting or banning access to Jihad Watch, properly identifying it as a hate speech site. First, we received word that Spencer's Jihad Watch site has, in very recent days, been blocked or banned by: City of Chicago, Chicago Police, Bank of America, Fidelity Investments, Deutsche Bank, the Veterans' Administration, Washington Mutual, Site Coach (an Internet filtering program), GE, JP Morgan Chase, Defense Finance and Accounting Services, the U.S. Government, MSNBC, AFSCME, Marriott Corp., and American Airlines.


Now we've received an update on the rapidly spreading ban on Jihad Watch. It has now been including in the commercial filtering of Secure Computing's "WebWasher" as hate speech. This means that WebWasher's 19,000 customers, supported by a worldwide network of partners, include the majority of the Dow Jones Global 50 and the most prominent organizations in banking, financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, public utilities, and federal and local governments, will now be blocking access to Jihad Watch. We have also learned that WebWasher has blocked the hate speech sites of HotAir and MEMRI, and that the Foehammer's Anvil hate speech site has also been blocked or banned as hate speech by site monitoring services, and that other web filtering services are in the process of blocking Jihad Watch, et al.

Good job, and Congratulations to those who had the good sense to ban hate speech, recognizing that hate speech often leads to extremism, and extremism very often leads to terrorism. Secure Computing's Webwasher seems to be the most alert program to use for filtering Internet content from obscenities, hate speech, and other unwanted sites.



UPDATE: 7/7/07

UPDATE: Spencer's website of hate: Jihad Watch, is now banned in the UK. Spencer's blogs of Jihad Watch and Dhimmi Watch have now been listed in three major Internet blocking programs, along with a great multitude of corporations and government computer systems. In just one instance, through the use of a web filtering program known as Site Kiosk 6, Jihad watch has been identified as a hate speech site, and such hate speech is illegal in the UK. Site Kiosk has been updated and downloaded to their clients in order to block access to Jihad Watch.

Sutter has a agenda. He wants ISPs to ban access to "hate sites" (the Sutter definition of "hate"). He wants Microsoft to block access to these "hate sites" with Internet Explorer. Sutter want to remove sites that he doesn't approve of from the web altogether.

Sutter's ultimate goal? Why indictments of course! Because as Sutter will tell you "hate speech" aids terrorism. Can we say fascist?

Tongue Tied, Foehammer’s Anvil, endiana.com and Vigilant Freedom have all posted articles about this incident.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

When does credit card fraud become a “religious counseling session?"

Once more, on Mr. Sutter's "Just the Facts" [See update.] blog, he has reinvented himself. What he *now* says about his time in prison.
I was jailed for contempt of court when a judge ordered me to reveal the contents of a religious counseling session I had with an inmate. There are two Ohio laws that protect these conversations, I showed both to the judge, plus I explained professional ethics, but he didn’t care, so he found me guilty of contempt of court, and ordered me locked up until the trial was over.

What Sutter posted about his time in prison on alt.prisons
"I was a minister -before- I gave in to greed and went to prison."
"I spent time in FMC Lexington. As a matter of fact, I'll offer it now. My BOP number was 33692-060. Anyone can call BOP, I guess a good place to start is wit their Mid-Atlantic Regional Office, at (301) 317-3211. And I'm still on Supervised Release, until 4/15/97, if someone doubts that, I can give them the name and number of my PO

and again here
"I recently did a short stint in a federal prison for misuse of a credit card."
This pretty much matches up with what I found on the Federal Bureau of Prisons InmateFinder. He was sentenced to FMC Lexington, (Kentucky) Jan 8, 1996, and was ordered to surrender to BOP by reporting to FMC, Lexington, KY. He did not surrender to BOP as ordered, and a warrant for his arrest was issued. Judge Sam H. Bell gave Mr. Sutter a break, and again ordered him to surrender himself, but again he ignored the order. Mr. Sutter was finally arrested on 1/18/96, and delivered to FMC, Lexington.

On a pathetic note, while Mr. Sutter was avoiding reporting to prison, he was posting on the Usenet about his impending demise. On Jan 13,1996, five days after he was ordered to report to FMC, Lexington, he posted:
"Seems before I could even leave for the transplant, I had another heart attack, and was taken by ambulance to the local hopistal. I spent about 3 days in CCU, and they reasonably stabilized me. They also ran new tests, and found that my ejection fraction (the efficiency of one's heart) is down to 8%, which disqualifies me for ny transplant.

To make a long story short, my doctor agreed to let me come home to die. He says it's probably a matter of days at this point, that a body simply cannot function on 8%.

Once I'm gone, I will try to watch over my friends from Heaven..."

And again on Jan 15,1996:
"Dear Friends: I expect that tonite will be my last posting on this or any other board. I can no longer breathe on my own and can hardly move without my heart setting off the alarms. It has been great knowing you all, and I will do whatever God allows me to from Heaven, to forward the cause of equal access for all persons, able-bodied, disabled or otherwise. Please pray for my wife, son, family and friends to have the emotional strength to realize that this should not be a period of grief, it should be celebration - I will be in Heaven, with no more physical and emotional pain. It has been great knowing all of you, and I hope you can carry on for equal rights."

One has to wonder what kind of sick person would pretend he is dying in a Usenet group?

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Vapor Degrees and Invisible Seminaries

Mr. Sutter has made various claims as to where he went to "seminary," and what degrees he has earned. On his blog "Just the Facts" (See update) Sutter claims that he:
"enrolled in King’s Word Seminary, which at that time was in Strongsville (they have since relocated). I began there in early 1989 to receive my Masters in Theology, and spent a couple of extra years working on my Doctorate in Divinity, Doctorate in Biblical Studies and History, and a Ph.D. in Trauma Psychology. Later, I completed additional training at other facilities to receive CEs and certifications in Crisis Intervention, Domestic Violence, Suicide Prevention, Hostage Negotiation, and Prison Ministry."

On Sutter's Yahoo 360 page, he makes similar claims: that he attended "King's Word Seminary," and earned both a Masters and Ph.D. from that institution. On his ZoomInfo page, he claims earning: "Ph.D., Trauma Psychology," "Doctorate, Biblical Studies & History," and "Doctor of Divinity, Divinity Studies, Comparative Religions," again at "King's Word Seminary." He makes similar claims on his AOL homepage. (note: I am linking to his AOL page to the Internet Archive because once again Sutter is busy reinventing himself and removed his claims to advance degrees as of 5/1/08)

"I have a BS in Physics, a Th.M., D.D., a doctorate in Biblical Studies and a Ph.D. in Trauma Psychology. I also maintain various certifications and CE's in prison ministry, domestic violence, crisis intervention and management, suicide prevention. "

When one does a Google Search for "King's Word Seminary," the *only* time it turns up is with Mr. Sutter's own references to the "degrees" which he "earned" there, otherwise "King's Word Seminary" is nonexistent.
However, when one searches Google for "Doer’s Of The Word Baptist Church" (the first Church Mr. Sutter says he was affiliated with), one is met with success. Scroll down the page and what does one see? Why, there's Kings Word Bible College! Not "King's Word Seminary." This is certainly in keeping with Mr. Sutter's pattern: note the similarity between the names.

Kings Word Bible College is a non-accredited Bible school (Bible schools do not require any accreditation) which awards certificates (no degrees) to their graduates. According to Pastor Sanders, Chancellor of the Kings World Bible School, and Pastor of Doer’s of the Word Baptist Fellowship Church, Mr. Sutter did attend there but didn't finish his certificate program.

If Mr. Sutter should claim he was never associated with Pastor
Sanders: here is the proof. Sutter became associated with Doer’s Of The Word Baptist Church and their prison ministry right after he was released from prison for credit card fraud.

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Pseudo Rev Who is a Fraud

Just who is this "Rev" James M. Sutter, exposer of hate on the web? He has made many claims about himself over the years, but the best place to start is with his own blogs, viz: "Just the Facts."
[Update 8/04/2007 Sutter has moved his "Just the facts blog to his AOL web page and did some editing. Second update 9/08/2008, Sutter has again reinvented himself and edited his "Just the fabrications" again however he left the date the same leaving the impression that this was the original posting. What Sutter doesn't realize is that AOL allows anyone to FTP to anyones web page; the evidence is there for all to see ftp://hometown.aol.com/revjimsutter! Sutter changed his "Just the Facts" Xmas eve 2007 but left the old date of Monday, April 23, 2007. It seems the "man of God" Lies again. ]
The first claim is that he enlisted in the Navy. Yet the photo he posts of himself "on leave"
is not a regular Navy uniform but in fact a Navy Jr ROTC uniform. This is not a picture of him home on leave, but a picture of him home after a day in high school. (Note 8/07: he has remove this picture and the one of the GI Joe from the new profile on AOL; I wonder why?) He also claims that in the Navy, he specialized in
SWEOD, Special Weapons Ordinance Disposal and Intelligence. At times, I was TAD’d to Special Ops units. For those who understand, my NOD and AQDs were: 1635, KG2, 3Q1, USNAVCENT/FIFTHFLT.” (note 8/07 he has added this disclaimer "This does not mean I was a SEAL. Please do not misunderstand, and do not believe the claims of those who say I was.")

With a picture of a GI Joe doll in combat gear (amusingly titled me+in+gear) to show what he used to wear. However, on a web page exposing military phonies Heroes or Villains?, Sutter has been exposed as a liar, and I quote: "there are NO men listed in the SEAL database with the last name SUTTER." (Note: this has been removed and Sutter has added a disclaimer, although this doesn't absolute him of giving the "impression" he was a Navy Seal). He was also exposed as a Navy Seal impostor at The Special Operations Bulletin Board. "...this man was publicly exposed as a SEAL impostor. In my opinion, the current display on the web page has all the earmarks of a pitiful and pathetic effort to hang onto those claims while leaving nothing for those who exposed him to use against him." More on his Navy career later.

The "Rev'" Jim Sutter claims to be an
independent Baptist Minister

"I received my “Calling” to ministry around 1985 or so, and since I was Catholic, I started off in my local church (St. Luke’s) as a Commentator and Lector, then received training and certification as a Eucharistic Minister. At that point I volunteered in various ministries, as a lay minister at the Aristocrat Nursing Home, Lakewood Hospital and an adult day-care program at Fairview Hospital. I knew that God wanted me to do more, so I applied for the Deaconate program (sort of a junior priest). Unfortunately, I found out that the Church (at least in the Cleveland diocese at that time) did not accept applicants who had physical disabilities. I was quite surprised, because the Church does great public work for people with disabilities. But, I had run into a brick wall at this point, with God telling me that He wanted me to do more.

I took about a year to pray over this and consider my options. Finally I enrolled in King’s Word Seminary, which at that time was in Strongsville (they have since relocated). (
Note: 8/2007 Sutter has added this disclaimer (ie: lie): "they have since relocated and downgraded to a biblical study school) I began there in early 1989 to receive my Masters in Theology, and spent a couple of extra years working on my Doctorate in Divinity, Doctorate in Biblical Studies and History, and a Ph.D. in Trauma Psychology. Later, I completed additional training at other facilities to receive CEs and certifications in Crisis Intervention, Domestic Violence, Suicide Prevention, Hostage Negotiation, and Prison Ministry.

During this same time period, I continued with volunteer work, volunteering for the Free Clinic on their Crisis Intervention Hotline and Counseling program (that worked out well for my practicum); I volunteered as a prison minister in all Ohio prisons, county jails and local lockups; I volunteered for the local Christian Service Center, and helped found another non-profit crisis intervention agency known as the Free Crisis Clinic (now defunct).

I finally finished with seminary in December 1993 and received my ordination, state license and my first assignment, to Doers of the Word Baptist Fellowship Church in Strongsville Ohio. After serving two years there as Associate Pastor, I moved on to Jesus the Way Christian Fellowship Church in Lorain, Ohio in 1995 as Pastor and then Senior Pastor. Jesus the Way is a nondenominational Christian church, with pastors who are Independent Baptist, Southern Baptist and Pentecostal, and is located at 1822 East 28th Street. My church’s ministry programs include prison ministry, nursing home and hospital ministry, street ministry, aftercare ministry and an anti-hate ministry. These are the only churches in which I have ever been a pastor and with which I have ever been associated. In 2005 I went on semi-retirement status at Jesus the Way due to my worsening health, and late in 2006 I became Pastor Emeritus (fancy word for retired.) I still maintain my license and can marry, bury, and baptize people, and the church has been kind enough to allow me to remain in charge of their Internet Ministry Program

But this contradicts what he said about himself September 30, 1995 on a bit.listserv.ada-law newsgroup

Sutter has specifically claimed he was a *new* kind of ordained Catholic minister, "higher than a Deacon, but slightly lower than a priest." A position that has never existed in the Catholic Church.

I am a minister by a new program of the Catholic Church. The Jesuits are running a relatively new program out of Modesto, CA, where they are coordinating training of ministers who would otherwise not qualify for service to their church. I would not normally qualify for further service to the Catholic Church, as I had already been commissioned a Eucharistic Minister, and the next step up would normally be to the Deaconnate. BUT, the Catholic church will not accept anyone into the Deacconate program who is disabled. (I know, we need to work on them, too). So the long and the short of it is that applicants go through five years of lay ministry to learn tenants and connonical law and biblical studies in whatever Christian religion they profess as their faith. The program is currently graduating Catholic Ministers, and Protestant and Episcopalian and Baptist Ministers.

As a Catholic minister, after I completed my five years of study, done through a combination of correspondence, online and attendance at St. Borromeo Seminary (here in Cleveland), while during the same five years working as a lay minister for the Catholic Church. After all that, then I was ordained, in Decembber, 1994. As a Catholic Minister, through a special dispensation of the Pope, I can be married and have a family. I am in a position higher than a Deacon, but slightly lower than a priest. I perform baptisms, celebrate mass, preside at First Communions, hear confessions, absolve sinners, bring communion, compassion and a sympathetic ear to the sick (they can't tell me anything I don't personally know about), say funeral masses, marriages, etc.”

He also repeated that fabrication here

I was ordained December 11, 1994 by the Catholic Life Church program out of Modesto, California. My Ohio license is number 4849, granted December 30, 1994. My supervisory Bishop is Bishop Kirby Hensley. I hold a Doctor of Divinity degree and a Doctorate in Biblical Studies.”

And once again here

I began as a lay minister in the Roman Catholic Church in December 1988. I continued lay ministry as Lector, Commentator and Eucharistic Minister while I studied for a relatively new Jesuit program headquartered in CA. I attended classes at Borromeo Seminary here in Cleveland, but the bulk of my studies were done at home, with reports, tests and thesis sent and graded by mail to the HQ in CA. I was finally ordained in a recently created position of Catholic Minister in December, 1994.

Kirby J. Hensley was the president and founder of the Universal Life Church (ULC). Modesto, California is the headquarters of the ULC. There is no "Catholic Life Church." [Note the similarity in names between Universal Life Church and "Catholic Life Church"; this is a pattern with Mr. Sutter.]

Sutter also made the claim that he was a Catholic minister again here (this is an old prodigy.com web page saved by the Internet Archive).

Hi. My name is Rev. Jim Sutter. I am an ordained Catholic minister, serving as chaplain at a local hospital, also as chaplain to a terminal care support group and a national advocacy organization.”

Mr. Sutter is now saying that these Usenet posts made in 1995 were not made by him, but are forgeries. This claim fails because the headers on these posts match the AOL headers from all of the numerous posts he made at that time (all are saved on Google Groups), and the fact that his "ADA NEWS FROM OHIO" Prodigy page also made the same claim. It would seem that someone who was posting in 1995 pretending to be Rev. Jim Sutter would have generated some sort of protest from the *real* Rev. Jim Sutter at the time.

Mr. Sutter might be under the delusion that someone can "forge" a Usenet post in 2007 and insert said post into the 1995 feed. Although Usenet forgeries are very common, I don't think anyone has figured out a method to send a forged post back into the past.

Here is the *real* truth about Mr. Sutter’s ordination……it never happened. Not from the imaginary "Catholic Life Church" or from the equally invented "King’s Word Seminary." He bought his ordination from the Universal Life Church. See what Sutter wrote about his troubles with the Catholic Church as a result of his Universal Life Church ordination.
I am Roman Catholic, and had continued to attend mass after ULC ordination, but now the Cleveland RC Diocese has sent me a written warning that if I continue as a ULC minister I will be excommunicated!
Note his signature:

Rev. James M. Sutter, D.D. D.B.
Universal Life Church

Mr. Sutter has never had a ordination by a recognized religious organization after a course of study (which is confirmed by the senior pastor at the Baptist church Sutter was once associated with). What he does have is a license to solemnize marriages from the State of Ohio which his do-it-yourself "ordination" from Universal Life Church helped him get. Which he admitted to in this post
"when I applied for my Ohio license, I had to present my ordination certificate and degree from ULC, and it is upon those documents that the State of Ohio, operating under Ohio Revised Code, granted me a minister's license."

Update 8/2007: Sutter is now trying to make the claim that King's word Bible school was once a Seminary and down graded to a Bible school. Unfortunately that is another lie, a pathetic attempt from the phony "Rev." to save face.

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