Friday, April 9, 2010

More delusional droppings from the pretend “man of God”

Sutter must think the few people who rubberneck at his block must have single digit IQ’s. He has now made the claim that I tried to hire attorney Murdoch Herzog (how would he know this? ESP?) to sue me because he “exposed my (non-existent) conviction for human trafficking”. Besides never having heard of this attorney, Herzog is licensed in Minnesota. I live in North Carolina, Sutter lives in Ohio. The only two places I would hire an attorney to sue Mr. Sutter would either be in North Carolina or Ohio. I’ve already looked into a defamation lawsuit; however Sutter lives off the government dole and has no assets. It would cost me a minimum of $10,000 to sue him. I have better uses for my money.

There will be an update concerning Sutter's fiction about my "conviction for human trafficking” I have received a letter from the Attorney General of the Ukraine informing that the criminal case was closed on 06/10/2008 by the public prosecutor’s office in the city of Kiev due to the absence of crime in my actions. However I need a more official document which my attorney in the Ukraine is getting for me. I will post it and a translation as soon as I get it .

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Anonymous said...

All to the good. Every so often I check up to see what that jackass is doing, and from the looks of it he has been dropped some some of his former supporters.