Monday, September 29, 2008

Sutter and Blasphemy

Sutter uses the language of God and faith to hide or disguise his evil intent and his criminality. He uses God to hide his sins rather than to go to the Lord to repair them.


GR said...

Your post assumes in part that Sutter is religious. I very much doubt that this is the case, even though it isn’t possible to say with certainty since he is completely insincere.

In all likelihood, he is just another criminal who uses religion to con people – in the same fashion as Marjoe or those other evangelists who periodically bilk people out of money with pyramid schemes. Sutter probably has a low opinion of true Christians as being gullible and easily duped, which is important for an impotent man who desperately needs to feel better about himself.

It’s also possible that he believes God has set up a special religion just for him, complete with all sorts of personal loopholes that allow him to lie, cheat and live like a pig – but then make it through the pearly gates at the last minute on a technicality.

Either way, no one with a conscience harms others in the name of God the way that Sutter has been doing for so long – no matter how miserable they are with their own life. Religion is obviously just a part of his con game and he should hope that he never has to answer for it.

Lady Predator said...

It doesn't matter what Sutter *believes* his behavior is the definition of blasphemy.

If in fact he does believe in Jesus than his behavior is all the more vile!

We should pray for Divine Mercy for Sutter's soul!

GR said...

It’s no secret just how terribly unhappy Sutter is with himself. What is so amazing is the phenomenal stupidity that he relied on to get where he is today. Every time he reached a crossroads, it seems, he made the wrong turn – going for the quick return with no thought to long-term consequences.

My own father is about three years older than Jim Sutter and could not be any more different. He worked hard, made smart decisions early in life and has been comfortably retired since 2004. He volunteers his time with local charities and always manages to go after some form of physical activity each day (jogging, skiing or golf usually). He still runs the occasional half-marathon, plans month-long vacations every spring, and he and his wife of twenty-two years act like newlyweds around each other.

In short, he is a happy man – the polar opposite of James Michael Sutter. I can’t possibly imagine him (or any other man of character, for that matter) embarrassing himself the way this creepy, bottom-feeder does every day of his life.

Sutter is simply a miserable con artist who knows his natural expiration date is just about up. The world will be a much better place without his sleaze.

Anonymous said...

Now he seems to have gone after a real man of the cloth. One wonders what his problem is with Pastor Steven Harper (Saturday, October 18, 2008). Clearly Sutter is unaware that even if Harper did not have the license he needs, the marriages are under law merely "voidable" not "void" (Dodrill v. Dodrill , 2004-Ohio-2225). People married by Steven Harper are certainly married under Ohio law. They have no problems. Sutter is off on one of his holier-than-thou trouble-making sprees again.
The marriages would be automatically void only if against the public policy of Ohio- for example, incestuous, polygamous, or a same sex couple.

Lady Predator said...

Sutter doesn't understand that the Ohio law was passed to protect the general public from frauds like him.(someone who has *no* seminary or secondary education beyond his high school diploma) Most Catholic Priests in Ohio don't have License to solemnize Marriages either. Sutter, with his limited education doesn't understand the law.

Sutter doesn't understand how Christians within the body of Christ are to treat one another if there is a conflict. See Matthew 18:15-20

We are to go to our brother or sister if we are offended, in a spirit of praiotes -- having carefully invited the Spirit to prepare us to go in love.

Anonymous said...

yes- I thought the phrase "ordained or licensed" suggested as much, but even if the courts construed the statute to mean all clergy must get a state license, he is going overboard.

GR said...

Yeah, unlike our wannabe with the $10 certificate, the man that Sutter is going after this time is an actual pastor. Steven Harper also has an education and a real congregation, whereas the Phony Rev’s exist only in his fantasy world.

Sutter is starting to become a bit shy about what he writes. In this case, he doesn’t want his two groupies figuring out that this is just another example of his going after a “personal enemy.” He is also trying to keep up a fa├žade of legitimacy by burying attacks like this amidst long articles “borrowed” from other sources.

Perhaps Sutter is also afraid that if it becomes known that he attended Grace Church, his two naive fans might question why he wasn’t at “Jesus the Way” instead! (Answer: it doesn’t exist).

I’m not sure exactly what he did to get the parishioners at Grace to realize that he is a nutcase, but Sutter is reacting to his rejection in the usual fashion – looking for men more successful than himself to attack, while pretending not to see what everyone else does when they look at him.

Lady Predator said...

Pastor Steven Harper more than likely disagreed with Sutter, it could have been on anything. Sutter doesn't think that *anyone* should disagree with his views. Sutter becomes quite irrational when anyone disagrees with is views.

Sutter lies so much it doesn't take long to find holes in all of his stories. hen he be cone angry and irrational it becomes all the more obvious.

GR said...

‘Obvious’ is a great word for it! That’s why our Jumbo Jim is in such a different place now than he was just over a year ago, when there were still some people out there taking him seriously. He has said too many wild things about too many people whose only “crime” has been to personally disrespect him.

It would be interesting to make a spreadsheet (or HTML table) of all the people and companies that he has slandered, complete with what he has said about them and what they really did to merit his abuse. I guess it could go all the way back to 1990, when he was convicted in Ohio for getting someone arrested on made-up charges.

What a silly, little man!

Anonymous said...

Gosh can you believe what that stupid man has written now? He can't seem to find the difference been the names Steven J. Harper and J. Steven Harper.

Did he even GET a high school diploma? Can the man READ?

PDF that page before Sutter realizes how STUPID he looks and takes it down!

Hey Sutter thanks for the laugh!

Lady Predator said...

Sutter Has clearly been to my blog and read the comment section because he has now quote the very same Bible verse I do about the Christian Brother Who Sins Against You (he quotes Matthew 18:15-17.

However Sutter's behavior is hardly Christian since he has no problems with bearing false witness and lying.

Sutter needs to look up "Sins of the Tongue" and Backbiting.

A person who backbites performs the devil's work. Backbiting is an unruly demon. Everyone flees a backbiter like unhealthy mud, like a leech that feeds on blood, a beetle that feeds in the mire that is, on other's defects. (St. John Chrysostom)

When the devil cannot devour someone by leading him into evil, he attempts to defile his reputation in order to weigh him down beneath the outrages of men and the backbiting of evil tongues, and thus draw him into his clutches. (St. Augustine, Epistle 137)

Backbiting is a devil that never rests. (St. Antiochus, Homily, Detract)

Anonymous said...

On further inspection the Zoom profile that Sutter is basing his slander upon looks to generated by a Google bot, note that the red circle with "Profile not
claimed" next to it.

In other words this is NOT like Sutter's fictional
Zoom profile
which HE wrote HIMSELF  with degrees he NEVER earned and claiming to be a counselor and a officer in the Navy both of which are also untrue.

Anonymous said...

St. Francis of Assisi had an extreme aversion to backbiting and slanderous accusations. His biographer, St. Bonaventure, relates that one of his brothers said evil about another and leveled several accusations against him. St.Francis told his assistant, "Father, go and examine this affair. If the accused is innocent, punish the accuser so severely that it will give others an example, and he will remember it."

St. Francis even wanted to remove the religious habit from a brother who had not been afraid to remove the cloak of another's reputation, so that it would be done to him as he had done to others, and in this way he would be obliged to restore the reputation he had stolen.

GR said...

My guess is that Steven Harper is resting a lot easier tonight.

(Seriously, someone please save this one).

GR said...

Part Three is even funnier than Part Two for those who know Sutter.

In the first place, he invents an imaginary authority - a "prominent local psychologist" - in a vain effort to make his writing sound credible. Naturally the person isn't identified (since they don't exist, of course). This reminds me of Sutter's fictitious interview last year with his equally fictitious "spicy black sidekick."

He also refers to himself as "we" several times in the piece. (In fact, his wife, Nancy Marie Sutter, is the only live human in his life).

And finally, of course, Sutter feigns an academic air with stolen rhetoric - in this case, by copying psycho-babble line-by-line from Wikipedia articles. (Apparently his imaginary psychologist was unable to contribute anything original).

It's therefore HIGHLY doubtful that ANYTHING he has to say about Steven Harper is true, even if anyone did care. Keep in mind that Harper actually possesses what Sutter only pretends to have (education, accomplishment and respect), so it isn't hard to guess what this is simply another public display of the Phony Rev’s understandably abysmal self-esteem.

Given that the only people reading what he writes anymore are his critics, all of whom have already been attacked in the same underhanded fashion, the only thing that continues to surprise me is just how pathetic Sutter is to waste this much time entertaining people who don’t like him.

Anonymous said...

You know, as absurd as this all is, he is now whipping up people to sue this church and this Stephen Harper who crossed him some how, and even though they have done nothing wrong, now they are going to have to hire an attorney to defend themselves from this nonsense.

GR said...

No one is going to be suing the church because no one other than Sutter cares.

Anyone who’s followed Sutter for longer than a few weeks can quickly spot when he’s lying. In this case, his army of attorneys is no more real than are his fictitious staff and the “prominent local psychologist” from last week’s piece-of-garbage article. At 53, he has nothing but his fantasies to keep him company.

Hey Jim, if you want to go back to throwing around the name of a real lawyer, I think Wayne Kerek’s still looking for you!

Lady Predator said...

The idea that Sutter has a "staff" is laughable. The only attorney that Sutter knows is disbarred.

Lady Predator said...

High school drop out Sutter knows nothing about the law. The marriages officated by Pastor Steven Harper are completely legal as Pastor Harper is a REAL licensed minister; unlike the phony Mr. Sutter. The Ohio statute does not expressly say that a marriage preformed by someone who doesn't have a license authorizing them to solemnize marriages is void. See Dodrill v. Dodrill, 2004-Ohio-2225

mississippimud2007 said...

Jim Sutter, if you come across this, I openly challenge you online via clipser or youtube. If you can tell me what race I am against I will shut my site down on blogger, youtube and clipser.


mississippimud2007 said...

Hey Jim you ready ? I'm game. Join up on youtube or clipser. BRING IT.


GR said...

Nice video, but Sutter has a history of calling everyone a racist, since it is the only slur that this intellectually-shallow loser can think of. He has even gone after two African-American companies, accusing one of hosting a racist website and the other of publishing a racist book (he never mentioned which race they were supposed to be disparaging).

Oh, and don’t forget, we’re talking about a grown man who plays dress-up with GI Joe dolls!

Lady Predator said...

That's right Sutter has said how I hate Hispanics....except I happen to be one as well as part Indian. He's also very confused, calling me a Satanist and then accusing me of being a dominist .