Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sutter tries to cover his tracks again

Today at 4:31:00 PM Mr. Sutter completely wiped out his fictional history "Just the Facts". He has rewritten his "Just the Facts" many times but was busted here on this blog. Sutter changed his "Just the Facts" Xmas eve 2007 but left the old date of Monday, April 23, 2007. Every time he rewrote his fictional biography he would leave out some bit of fiction that was easily exposed to be a lie! To bad for Mr. Sutter that we have kept copies of his fictional “biographies” including a copy of the one he thinks he “erased”

He has also edited his "Rev. Jim's Place" removing his link to his fictional biography
Just the Facts (a PDF of the Google cache can be seen here) . Also made to disappear are his "degrees". Too bad for Mr. Sutter The Wayback Machine has a copy of his fiction.

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Anonymous said...

What does he think he is doing when he throws stuff out like saying someone is "an indicted co-conspirator... on charges of conspiracy, forgery, cyberstalking, money laundering, wire fraud, theft of a social security number, and using interstate communications to make personal threats." I mean, why is he the only one who has heard of this indictment?
He made a similar ridiculous claim about a non-existant FEC statement.

Lady Predator said...

He's projecting

Anonymous said...

Sutter past criminal reveals that he is in fact the person who has committed the crimes of stalking, forgery, making false police reports, using interstate communications to make personal threats, (he uses his blog to defame persons who don't conform to his "whims and wishes" also known as extortion)Credit Card theft, impersonating an Navy officer impersonating mental health professional. Not to mention posing as a man of God!

gr said...

Sutter is claiming to know all about federal indictments for a person whose name he says he doesn’t actually know. Even his two groupies might be smart enough to see through that one.

Lady Predator said...

That is hard to say, they might be just as sharp as the same box of bowling balls Sutter came from. After all they are Sutter's groupies which doesn't say much for their intelligence.

Anonymous said...

my rough and ready law for journalists training taught me that imputation of crime was defacto slander. That's why it is always "the alleged shooter" etc.
I guess a side benefit of being a loser is that you are judgement proof.

Lady Predator said...

Since Sutter's assets are on the negative side he is free to defame and slander to his hearts content. My what a legacy his family would be so proud! He is very Lucky he doesn't live in Canada or the UK where his kind of speech is punish severely

GR said...

Sutter’s last chance to come into assets happened in April, when his mother passed. You’re right that, at age 53, he doesn’t really have anything to his name other than a television set and a rotating box of Ho-Ho’s. I also agree that this is the reason why he thinks he is free to lash out at others with ridiculous slander.

Of course, he didn’t think that he had anything to lose last year either, when he was repeatedly given the choice as to whether or not went on-line. Add that to the very long series of extremely poor decisions in life that have left him entirely without options or opportunity.

Now, after a lifetime of conning people, the game is up for the bogus “Reverend.” His family members have long been embarrassed by him, of course. But now other people in his social life are finding out who he is as well – and this is fueling his latest tantrum.

Again, he knows that he has only himself to blame. That must be eating him up!

Anonymous said...

Are you saying he has inherited assets now?

Anonymous said...

Say, when did he start working for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF)?

GR said...

I can’t say that he did get anything from his mother’s death, since I have yet to see the will. She died about 20 years after her husband, but I was kind of surprised to find that she didn’t own a house. Presumably, he and Robert would have split whatever inheritance there was, but that’s just speculation.

Late last year, the possibility of suing Sutter and his financier wife, Nancy Marie, over their libel was seriously explored by a coalition of four parties. Although it was determined that he had no net worth at the time (other than a car), a recorded deposition would force him into choosing between his disability status and a perjury conviction, and a win in civil court would probably result in his wife’s wages being garnished.

This is still the case, I’m sure. The action wasn’t filed in January because it was discovered that his public influence nosedived sharply in the months after he was exposed

Jeanette obviously has an excellent case against him, after all of the fabrications that he has been coming up with concerning “human trafficking.” Now, with the latest “Glen Reinsford Update,” he’s made it even easier for his victims to prove malicious intent.

Sutter does what he does because he hates himself, of course. This won’t change, but his ability to hurt others has been permanently diminished.