Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When did the IDF Start Training the Disabled?

Over the years since Sutter first made his appearance on the web he had made many claims. I just thought we would do a little stroll down memory lane.

The first of Sutter's greatest hits is this little post he made in August of 1995
I am now a civilian, but I served my country, and received the Navy Cross, (the highest award from the Navy), the Dept of Defense Medal of Valor, and the Purple Heart. So I like to think that I am somewhat qualified to speak to "espirit de corps".

There is just one problem with Sutter's claim he just isn't on the
list of persons who received the Navy Cross. Oh well.

In May of 2004 Sutter posted this little gem on Bush_Kicks_A_S_S_on_Terrorism yahoo group (note Sutter has recently gone back into that group and deleted all the posts he made there...guilty conscience maybe?).

Let me tell you something that I do not talk about often. I have 4 Purple
Hearts. It took me 26 years of service to earn (yes, earn) them. I was nominated for them by my COs for injuries by hostile forces during combat, resulting in #1 the flesh burned off my legs from the feet to the knees, #2 having a bullet shatter my kneecap, #3 taking 4 bullets in the abdomen, resulting in loss of my gallbladder, part of my liver and intestines and #4 having my elbow shattered by a bullet and minutes later receiving an 8" knife wound in the same arm. Yet I completed my missions in all instances. I have so many prosthetic parts in me that my son calls me RoboPop. I didn't ask for the medals, I didn't ask to be removed from active duty or combat operations, and when I finally retired I put them away in a box with the rest of my medals, (including the Bronze Star, the Combat Medal, the Presidential Unit Citation and the Navy Cross) and left them locked away.

Sutter thinks by sanitizing the yahoo group of his posts he is somehow won't be pinned down for his lies....the only problem is I have a
PDF of his post. Not to mention Yahoo will always maintains the original posts in the event of a court order.

Then there is this wonderful post in March of 2006 by Sutter on the Yahoo group Down with Antisemitism (a group that he was kicked off and I'm still a member)

I spent 26 years in the USN CT ops, graduated the Naval War College, trained with the IDF, and spent more time tracking down and neutralizing terrorists than you have probably spent breathing. I have a solid comprehension of the cultures of the Middle East (along with many other cultures), I read and speak English, Arabic, Chinese (Cantonese), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Latin and Greek. I have a Bachelor's in Nuclear Physics, a Masters in Modern Warfare, Masters in Theology, a Doctorate of Divinity, Doctorate of Biblical Studies, and Ph.D. in Trauma Psychology.
Any other silly questions?

another post on December 2006 he goes on to claim:

Actually, I'm fluent in several dialects of Arabic. I notice that, as usual, you fail to provide any factual information with which to support your claims. I, on the other hand, provided direct citations from the Qur'an.

Pretty impressive don't you think? He knows eleven languages or was it eight?

So you're a linguist too? Now I'm going to have to watch my wording or risk getting my knuckles smacked, I suppose. Can I still throw in an occasional quote in one of the eight language that I learned back in the Stone Age

Oh what does it matter eleven, eight, (maybe he was counting those several dialects of Arabic), it's all the same. And did you see; Sutter even trained with the IDF. I wonder if they knew he was disabled?

Sutter claims in March of 2006 to know some "very important people" like CIA director James Woolsey:

Tell Jim that the "Jolly Green Giant" said hello, and that he still owes me twenty bucks from the poker game. Oh, and if you want to keep claiming that you have met the director, you may want to learn to spell his name correctly.

I'm impressed aren't you? Sutter tells some pretty big whoppers!

On Oct 2006 he made this claim on a post to frontpagemag.com
"Let's see,. I only have 26 years in counterterrorism, more medals than you have brain cells, and three doctorates. Yep, you'all must be right, I musta just fell off the haywagon and bumped ma poor head.

On January 15, 2007 at noisyroom.net made another claim abut his qualifications in counter terrorism:
"During 26 years in the USN fighting terrorism, one of the most important lessons we learned was proper target acquisition".

On March 5th, 2007 in a post to the Daily Pundit he made this claim:
"After spending 26 years in counterterrorism, in ops against every kind of terrorist (I estimate that's about 26 years more than Bill Quick spent), I know how to recognize who is the enemy and who is not. Kaufman's tactic of smearing all Muslims as terrorists is not only ridiculous, it is targeted to play best with the uneducated, the fearful, the paranoid, those who check under their bed at night to make sure the bogey man isn't hiding there. Those who are smarter can easily recognize how Kaufman and his ilk play on your fears in order to make a fortune themselves. They don't give a care about you, they only care about their own pockets. That's just one reason why Kaufman is the subject of multiple law enforcement investigations. (BTW, I've been to Afghanistan under the Taliban, it's a shitty little country, probably always will be, but at least they are making some slow progress.)

On April, 2007 at The Bigsibling Blog Sutter again made this claim:

"I spent 26 years in USN counterterrorism, and guarantee that I have killed more terrorists than you have ever dreamed of.

Sutter also seems a little confused as to when he was active duty in the Navy. On Sutter's MySpace profile he claims he served from 1974 to 1996 (clue: the Navy doesn't have two year enlistments) yet on his Zoom page he claims he was USN Active Duty 1974 - 1980. Now that I have posted this I wonder how long it will take Sutter to fix his MySpace profile? It doesn't matter I have a PDF of it any way.

Oh and the little matter of Sutter saying he isn't claiming to be a Navy Seal. Well who does he think does counter terrorisms in the Navy? When Sutter says he was "USN CT ops" he is in fact claiming to be a Navy Seal. Not to mention there is this silliness. Sutter posted pictures of a GI Joe doll saying it was him from his "Navy days" he even labeled the picture JimSeal. Oh no Sutter wasn't claiming to be a Navy Seal was he?

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VeriSEAL Group said...

Oh dear, is "Neverend" Sutter still at it? He's been doing this for 12 years. Another 14 and he will have posed as a SEAL for as long as he claims he WAS a SEAL -- Oops, sorry, "Navy CT Ops" or whatever wannabe terminology he uses to imply rather than directly claim it. But there's the little problem of that broke-dick "Trident" he had on his page until he got called out. What did you do, Sutter, draw that thing with a broken pencil? It was right next to all the phony ribbons you claimed, including the NC.

Actually, we sorta feel sorry for you. You appear to be roughly 300lbs and physically disabled (then again, maybe that's another scam you run to avoid honest work). Add your mental illness to the mix and you're about a three-point Cluster Flop.

P.S. - Jesus says he knows about you and, quote "that chiseling bag of bile is going straight to Hell."

Say hello to Silbergeld for us when you get there.

Lady Predator said...

Actually as I understand it Sutter is close to 600 pounds these days.

ac said...

Oh this guy is such a gem. One of the problems of writing a comprehensive bio is that as you go back you discover more- that Better Business Bureau stuff that just came to light, for example. Can you imagine what it must have been like trying to do business in Cleveland and suddenly having a bully like Sutter after you? I’ll bet most people just wrote it off as the cost of doing business. I wonder what he got away with before he was finally caught.

Lady Predator said...

Well he is a pathetic bully. Have you seen his blog he is now claiming he has had threats of bombings, arson, assassination and assault. Yeah I believe that just a much as I believe he was getting a heart transplant while fighting in Afghanistan.

ac said...

and another beauty form that front page article linked above,
"RE: Claims about Muhammad's battles - JimSutter 10/4/2006 10:19 PM
I'm sure you're much more of a military historian than I am, after all, I only studied Middle Eastern military campaigns at the Naval War College."

Lady Predator said...

Opps a boast I missed thanks

ac said...

I like the new page for Rev. Jim Sutter of Parma OH. That's just the kind of comprehensive bio I was looking for!
Were you able to get any of his military records under the Freedom of Information Act? You refer to him as "Seaman Sutter". Was he actually in the Navy? Or just Naval JROTC Is it possible that he really did go to University of Chicago and the Naval War College before mentally falling apart? Is it possible that some of what he says is true?

Bigsibling said...

AC: I believe he really does live in Ohio as he claims, and that he was raised Catholic as he claims. So yeah, I suppose some of what he says has to be true. :)

1389 said...

Check out this comment on 1389 Blog. I found it in my spam bucket, but I decided to let it go through because I didn't see anything in it that overtly violated our comment policy. LOL...

Lady Predator said...

Yes I agree I see no reason to censor Sutter unless he his doing his usual defamation.

FYI that is where the FBI sent me to do my report on Sutter as well.

yohannbiimu said...

That picture of the "Jim Sutter action-figure"--no doubt with "kung-fu grip" and "talking" pull-string capability is just precious! Don't you just want to go out and get one of your own?

He'd be simply a pathetic joke if it weren't for the fact that he is trying to dictate to the world what they should or shouldn't read on the internet. I'm not laughing at this twisted person. It's people like him who'll sell this country out for a bowl of cold soup.