Sunday, July 22, 2007

The "Man of God " Can't Stop Lying.

Mr. Sutter is annoyed, so very annoyed. He doesn't like the fact that his puffery has been exposed for all the world to see.

First of all he makes a very bad attempt at forging an email threat from me. Using a post I sent to Down_with_Antisemitism and cc to several other people as well. It's obliviously forged as he has "me" complaining abut his hatewatchhallofshame where he has "me" writing:
I can forge you into hell if you don't take your stupid hate watch crap off the web

The problem is the email he chose to use as the base for his forgery is dated 1/12/2007; Sutter didn't write his pack 'o lies about me until Saturday, April 07, 2007. Of course there is the fact that he has a history of doing this before:
You have tried to forge private email and turn it into a weapon against people in the past, which is why I will not exchange private email with you.
Then there is this pathetic attempt at forgery, yes that is right Mr Sutter was stupid enough to forge his own medical records and even dumb enough to submit that forgery to a federal judge!

It looks to me like Mr. Sutter is projecting. He's even claiming that I'm using forged-usenet-posts to expose his lies. These posts go back to 1995. I wonder why this is the first time Sutter has complained about those forgeries when they were happening. And how does he get around this post?
If it helps the crdibility any, here are some verifiable facts. My ADA case was filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Divison, case caption: James Sutter vs. City of Lakewood, Ohio. Case number 1:94 CV 1857, assigned originally to Judge Leslie Wells, spun off to Judge Peter Economus.

I was ordained December 11, 1994 by the Catholic Life Church program out of Modesto, California. My Ohio license is number 4849, granted December 30, 1994. My supervisory Bishop is Bishop Kirby Hensley. I hold a Doctor of Divinity degree, and a Doctorate in Biblical Studies.

The only forging going on here is by Sutter's own hand. It isn't possible to forge someone's Usenet post and send them twelve years into the past; it's certainly not possible to forge Sutter's two felony convictions since they are available to anyone with an internet connection.

So here we have a "man of God" who can't seem to stop lying. His newest lie; that I was:
recently released from a psychiatric facility.

The last time I was in a psychiatric facility, was when I was working there. I was employed for many years at Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk, California (where Sutter claims I was an inpatient for a year). Yet he makes the claim that his hatewatchhallofshame has verifiable facts. Very interesting, that is a verification I would love to see.

This lie is especially pathetic coming from a man who called himself a "reverend"
has your psychiatrist been in touch with you yet? He’s looking for you, something about they released you too soon. Apparently only spending one year in that psychiatric unit wasn’t enough. I gave him your home address, I’m sure it won’t be long till the men in the white coats are knocking at your door - again.
And again here:
having once again been released too early from her inpatient care, violates the restraining order. Remember what they told you last time, Jeanette. Keep violating the order and conditions of your release and they'll have to re-institutionalize you for a long, long time.

Simply put, if the "Rev." wants people to think he really is a man of God he should stop posting lies. He's just making what I do so much more believable.

The "rev." need to read the federal cyberstalking law again, as I've made no threats, nor have I told any lies. Unlike the phony Rev. who has no problem with posting lies. The information I post is true and for educational purposes. Of course Sutter does get annoyed when anyone disagrees with him.

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anne c- said...

Great to have you back.
I cannot get over the irony of an actual felon bloviating that people exercising their first amendment rights to express a political opionion may be criminals.
His current blog entry suggests that those who contact Pace to register outrage that flushing a Koran is a different crime from flushing a Harlequin Romance are guilty of "Obstruction of Justice, Interfering with a Witness, Witness Intimidation, Harassment, Telephone Harassment, Tampering with Evidence".
That's right. If you protest that the crime is vandalism but not a hate crime, in the phony rev's world, you are a criminal.
There's a column today about Ann Coulter which says in part, "I have said it before but we all owe Ann Coulter our thanks and support because without brave conservative figures like her, the general public would have no chance to roll back the parameters of political correctness. Coulter expands the marketplace of ideas and prevents cultural Marxism from continuing to establish the rules by which we speak and live."
You, too, Lady P. deserve the same accolade for fighting back against this phony Rev.

Exposing Sutter said...

Oh I'm going have to read his web page. I guess the phony "Rev." who claims to be a Christian has more respect for the Qur'an than he does for Christ. Remember the submerging a crucifix in a jar of urine that was called art?

anne c- said...

Rev. Sticky Fingers also says, "You knew it had to come sooner or later, the bigots are in business for the money, as usual. Unfortunately hate pays quite well" because Charles at LGF is asking for contributions to a legal defense fund

exposingsutter said...

I saw that. I think we have some projection going on, as both his felonies had to do with defrauding someone out of their money.