Thursday, July 12, 2007

Update: Paranoia settling in, Sutter trying to erase his tracks

As with most bullies and liars, Sutter doesn't like it when his lies are exposed. He's been busy pulling down pages where he has posted his lies about himself. To bad for him; I have PDFs of them or they are still in Google's cache. He has deleted his "Just the Facts" blog. However you can still see a Google cache of it here.

Sutter is also making the claim that his blog sustained a:
"hacking attack on the evening of 7/12/07 and continued attempts at vandalism. "

Update July 15: Now he has added:
"Due to persistent vandalism and a hacking attempt from my cyberstalker and other hate mongers."

Hacking and attempts at vandalism? Interesting expression for exposing Sutter's lies with his own words. No wonder he pulled his "Just the Facts" blog down. It was a treasure trove of lies, fabrications and self-mythologizing. And he claims to have taken "measures" he's put a:
"hidden program on this and all my sites, where every vandalism and hacking attempt generates a report, identifying the perpetrator, IP address, date and time of the attempt, any other website that they came from, and any website that they go to when they leave. I hate to have to take this step, but the hate mongers are desperate to erase the facs about their repugnant agenda of bigotry."

What a wonderful example of paranoia and projection. Mr. Sutter thinks he's important enough that someone would want to hack his hate and libel blog. He's even claiming to have received "death threats". If he did receive death threats they probably came from his own hand. Sutter has a history of forging emails using the headers from old email. He again makes the claims that his "cyberstalker" (little ole me) has been forging posts and claiming they are his. I wonder how he gets around the posts in Google groups from 1995 or the old webpages stored in the internet archive? The only erasing of facts I see is Sutter pulling his page 'o lies down.

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Blazing Cat Fur said...

Wow that moron Sutter visited my site, I feel I need a shower ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Exposing Sutter said...

He does have that effect on decent people.

Anonymous said...

He may be paranoid; but mostly I think it is all pure prevarication.

Man, for a guy who hates hate, he sure hates a lot of people.

Exposing Sutter said...

Yes I agree. If it was all delusions on Sutter's part he would not have pulled down his page of lies that he amusingly called " Just the Facts".

He know they are lies. He know his claims about his military service are lies. He's a convicted felon. The first time was in 1981 Cuyahoga County court Case #: CR-81-168042-ZA for uttering Sorry the Navy doesn't want convicted felons in their ranks.

Most of what Sutter says about other people is in reality what is true about himself. Pure projection

Incognito said...

What a bloody hypocrite. Is he going after all the Islamic hate sites as well?!

Anne C- said...

Dear Exposing Sutter,
I am afraid that your post is missing a key word. What was he convicted of in 1981?
I wondered why he actually went to prison for credit card fraud, but if it was not a first offense, the sentence makes more sense.
I think self-mythologizing is a brilliant word choice to describe his page of nonsense. It sounds like his phony family history was cobbled together from tv shows and magazine articles.
I look forward to more posts.

Exposing Sutter said...

The conviction in 1981 was for Uttering the legal definition is "to put (counterfeit money, for example) into circulation" It's similar to forgery.

Wikipedia has a more complete definiton here.

Anyone can go look up his conviction
He's the only James M Sutter in there.

The conviction in 1981 was a felony and that was his first offense. The conviction in 1994 was also a felony. That is why he was sent to prison. He’s lucky Ohio doesn’t have a three strike law.

anne c said...

Thanks. I've never heard of "uttering" before. Ah well, you learn something new every day, right?

Exposing Sutter said...

I never heard of Uttering before either, below was the best definition I could fine. What with the other felonies Sutter was indicted for one gets a clearer picture of the kind of person Sutter really is. He has definite problems with the truth and being honest. Interesting that he presents himself as a reverend.

Uttering is the actual presentation of forged or official documentation as one's own.

2913.31 FORGERY
2913.31 UTTERING

anne c- said...

My next question is this: is it possible to request arrest reports, mug shots and so forth?
I notice that he has said that there are lots of James Sutters. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Exposing Sutter said...

I also don't think it is necessary. The public court records are good enough. I realize Sutter “claims” that there are lots of James Sutters however there is only *one* James M Sutter born on December 11, 1955. It's the same Sutter who makes the same claims over and over again using these email addys,,

Anonymous said...

ewwwwwww from me also. I just went to his site where he is in full fascist mode.

more updates coming soon? I hope so

Exposing Sutter said...

Blogger has blocked me from making posts just like the Gates of Vienna; they think this is a spam blog. It might have to do with the 600 hits I got in less than two weeks.

Be patient I'm moving this blog to my own server at and I do have some juicy updates coming.

anne c- said...

I look forward to your move. The ease with which people are gaming blogger is terrible.
I went back to Sutter's site and found yet another private citizen, Joni Ferris, has provoked his ire. Thanks to his track record, it is impossible to know if what he is saying has ANY basis in reality, but even if the lady in question did assert she was abducted by aliens, how in the world- or galaxy- would that be hate speech?