Monday, July 9, 2007

When does credit card fraud become a “religious counseling session?"

Once more, on Mr. Sutter's "Just the Facts" [See update.] blog, he has reinvented himself. What he *now* says about his time in prison.
I was jailed for contempt of court when a judge ordered me to reveal the contents of a religious counseling session I had with an inmate. There are two Ohio laws that protect these conversations, I showed both to the judge, plus I explained professional ethics, but he didn’t care, so he found me guilty of contempt of court, and ordered me locked up until the trial was over.

What Sutter posted about his time in prison on alt.prisons
"I was a minister -before- I gave in to greed and went to prison."
"I spent time in FMC Lexington. As a matter of fact, I'll offer it now. My BOP number was 33692-060. Anyone can call BOP, I guess a good place to start is wit their Mid-Atlantic Regional Office, at (301) 317-3211. And I'm still on Supervised Release, until 4/15/97, if someone doubts that, I can give them the name and number of my PO

and again here
"I recently did a short stint in a federal prison for misuse of a credit card."
This pretty much matches up with what I found on the Federal Bureau of Prisons InmateFinder. He was sentenced to FMC Lexington, (Kentucky) Jan 8, 1996, and was ordered to surrender to BOP by reporting to FMC, Lexington, KY. He did not surrender to BOP as ordered, and a warrant for his arrest was issued. Judge Sam H. Bell gave Mr. Sutter a break, and again ordered him to surrender himself, but again he ignored the order. Mr. Sutter was finally arrested on 1/18/96, and delivered to FMC, Lexington.

On a pathetic note, while Mr. Sutter was avoiding reporting to prison, he was posting on the Usenet about his impending demise. On Jan 13,1996, five days after he was ordered to report to FMC, Lexington, he posted:
"Seems before I could even leave for the transplant, I had another heart attack, and was taken by ambulance to the local hopistal. I spent about 3 days in CCU, and they reasonably stabilized me. They also ran new tests, and found that my ejection fraction (the efficiency of one's heart) is down to 8%, which disqualifies me for ny transplant.

To make a long story short, my doctor agreed to let me come home to die. He says it's probably a matter of days at this point, that a body simply cannot function on 8%.

Once I'm gone, I will try to watch over my friends from Heaven..."

And again on Jan 15,1996:
"Dear Friends: I expect that tonite will be my last posting on this or any other board. I can no longer breathe on my own and can hardly move without my heart setting off the alarms. It has been great knowing you all, and I will do whatever God allows me to from Heaven, to forward the cause of equal access for all persons, able-bodied, disabled or otherwise. Please pray for my wife, son, family and friends to have the emotional strength to realize that this should not be a period of grief, it should be celebration - I will be in Heaven, with no more physical and emotional pain. It has been great knowing all of you, and I hope you can carry on for equal rights."

One has to wonder what kind of sick person would pretend he is dying in a Usenet group?

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Anonymous said...

Good info-
clearly you have the guy on the ropes- he is hiding his tracks and changing his websites like mad
Do you think his case against City of Lakewood is genuine or false?
I find it odd that it is only mentioned by "Rev" Jim- it seems like a landmark type case.
Can this be looked up somewhere?

Exposing Sutter said...

Sutter's case against City of Lakewood is genuine. Get yourself a pacer (public access to court electronic records)account it is really cheap.

I didn't get the impression it was a landmark case. Just another city dragging their feet: by not compling with the ADA, and then by not taking the case seriously.

The case was settled between the two parties; Sutter's attorney fees were reimbursed and the city had to develop a plan and hold public hearings about ADA compliance.

U.S. District Court
Northern District of Ohio (Cleveland)
CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 1:94-cv-01857-PCE