Sunday, July 8, 2007

Vapor Degrees and Invisible Seminaries

Mr. Sutter has made various claims as to where he went to "seminary," and what degrees he has earned. On his blog "Just the Facts" (See update) Sutter claims that he:
"enrolled in King’s Word Seminary, which at that time was in Strongsville (they have since relocated). I began there in early 1989 to receive my Masters in Theology, and spent a couple of extra years working on my Doctorate in Divinity, Doctorate in Biblical Studies and History, and a Ph.D. in Trauma Psychology. Later, I completed additional training at other facilities to receive CEs and certifications in Crisis Intervention, Domestic Violence, Suicide Prevention, Hostage Negotiation, and Prison Ministry."

On Sutter's Yahoo 360 page, he makes similar claims: that he attended "King's Word Seminary," and earned both a Masters and Ph.D. from that institution. On his ZoomInfo page, he claims earning: "Ph.D., Trauma Psychology," "Doctorate, Biblical Studies & History," and "Doctor of Divinity, Divinity Studies, Comparative Religions," again at "King's Word Seminary." He makes similar claims on his AOL homepage. (note: I am linking to his AOL page to the Internet Archive because once again Sutter is busy reinventing himself and removed his claims to advance degrees as of 5/1/08)

"I have a BS in Physics, a Th.M., D.D., a doctorate in Biblical Studies and a Ph.D. in Trauma Psychology. I also maintain various certifications and CE's in prison ministry, domestic violence, crisis intervention and management, suicide prevention. "

When one does a Google Search for "King's Word Seminary," the *only* time it turns up is with Mr. Sutter's own references to the "degrees" which he "earned" there, otherwise "King's Word Seminary" is nonexistent.
However, when one searches Google for "Doer’s Of The Word Baptist Church" (the first Church Mr. Sutter says he was affiliated with), one is met with success. Scroll down the page and what does one see? Why, there's Kings Word Bible College! Not "King's Word Seminary." This is certainly in keeping with Mr. Sutter's pattern: note the similarity between the names.

Kings Word Bible College is a non-accredited Bible school (Bible schools do not require any accreditation) which awards certificates (no degrees) to their graduates. According to Pastor Sanders, Chancellor of the Kings World Bible School, and Pastor of Doer’s of the Word Baptist Fellowship Church, Mr. Sutter did attend there but didn't finish his certificate program.

If Mr. Sutter should claim he was never associated with Pastor
Sanders: here is the proof. Sutter became associated with Doer’s Of The Word Baptist Church and their prison ministry right after he was released from prison for credit card fraud.

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Erich said...

Hi, in your article on the Rev's "emeritus pastor" title, you write:

"According to Pastor Sanders, Chancellor of the Kings World Bible School, and Pastor of Doer’s of the Word Baptist Fellowship Church, Mr. Sutter did attend there but didn't finish his certificate program."

Do you have any links to verify that Sanders said Sutter did not finish his certificate program? How did you get this information? Thanks.

Exposing Sutter said...

I simply called Pastor Ernie Sanders up; he knows Sutter from many years ago. Pastor Sanders and his church run a prison ministry and Sutter came to them right after he got out of jail for Credit Card fraud. Pastor Sanders said he we was doing really good with them for a while as was indeed an associate pastor (he was never ordained by them but he did have a license to solemnize marriages) and was active in their prison ministries as well. But it didn't last to long as Sutter began to have some problems and refused to get help so they had a parting of the ways. Here is Pastor Sanders webpage

Apparently Spencer called him as well